Tuesday, July 17, 2018   

These hot temperatures are making a real difference in the ripening process, bringing both Spartan and Toro to their prime. There is still lots of nice fruit, and it is easy picking. I recommend coming as early in the day as possible. The berries are refreshed and firmed up over night. So come early before it gets too hot! 

We are definitely at mid season, so it's time to be sure you've filled the freezer for the winter. 

When there are large clumps of ripe berries, we recommend using a small container which will fit under the clump so the berries can be gently rolled off the stem into the container. Have your larger container available so you can transfer the berries from the smaller one as needed. 

This is a very efficient picking technique which will save you time and it's how professional harvesters can pick such large quantities, and works best when all or most berries on the cluster are ripe. 

For over 25 years, our family has provided yours with

the biggest, sweetest, blueberries you'll find anywhere.

We offer U-Pick blueberries in a serene rural setting.

Open Daily 7 am - 8 pm    Price $1.20 Lb

Remember to bring:

  • your own containers  
  • old shoes
  • drinking water

Children are absolutely welcome, but we ask that they be accompanied by an adult while picking, playing.

Please do not bring pets into the field due to sanitation concerns.

Service animals will be allowed.

Check here daily for updated information.

Thank you,

Chuck and Janice